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First Yeh Online Bridge World Cup-allar upplýsingar

We are on real countdown to the First Yeh Online Bridge World Cup, and the teams are all looking forward to what we are sure is going to be a really exciting and innovative event !

There has been a series of Press Releases relating to the tournament and about some of the players and they are at : - I am sure you will find them of interest and you are, of course, welcome to link to them from your own site.

But of more interest is the event itself ! Especially as Bill Gates himself is playing !

It starts on 31st October and can be watched online across the world using either BBO or OurGame, so please check the times of play which are detailed here so that you and your members can watch the players battling it out from the venues in USA, China and Europe. It is the first time such an event has been staged, so do join us - there will be commentary from experts, with live video footage of the players ... personally I can't wait !

I know several of you have already put links on your websites to the event. I would be very grateful if you could send me the URL where the link appears so that I can add it to our Press Book for the event. And if you have not put a link, then please consider doing so as it will help ensure the success of this innovative and exciting event.

For more information :






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